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Make a Difference: Support the Pneumothorax Community

Please click here to pledge your support as a member of pneumothorax.org

Dear Visitor,

I want to thank you for visiting pneumothorax.org and hope that you have been able to obtain information and support for this condition that affects our community. I strongly believe that more can be done to help the world-wide pneumothorax community. I have heard of too many incidents where a pneumothorax was overlooked or treated improperly due to a lack of knowledge about this condition.

We believe through an organized effort, more can be done...

During the past year, we have attempted to establish a non-profit Pneumothorax foundation. We have contacted several health organizations for support, without success. It is disappointing that in a world where billions of dollars are spent annually on medical research and treatment, pneumothorax continues to receive very little attention.

As a result, we are beginning the process of establishing a one-of-a-kind philanthropic corporation with the mission of providing support, research, education, and treatment for those affected by pneumothoraces around the world.

What will we do?

  • Education, including a Pneumothorax information kit that will be distributed to medical communities world-wide

  • Research, including inexpensive online surveys, as well as Research grants

  • Funding of Pneumothorax treatment in developing countries through international organizations

  • Patient advocacy to address real-world scenarios where the pneumothorax condition has been overlooked (e.g., Air Travel)

  • Expanded web site information and resources including multilingual pages

  • Pneumothorax conferences to discuss current topics and research and promote the general condition

How will we accomplish these goals?

  • We will accept a membership fee from those willing to provide support

  • Funds collected will be divided on a percentage basis for each resource (Advisory Panel and input from members will help determine the percentages)

  • Administrative costs will be limited and listed on pneumothorax.org

  • Funds received will be posted online in a quarterly report

  • We will seek an independent organization to oversee our spending habits

In order to move forward with our mission, we are asking those interested in becoming members to fill out the pledge form. This is only a promise to become a member and is not binding. After two months, if we receive enough pledges, we will move forward officially.

Please click here to pledge your support as a member of pneumothorax.org