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12/05/2009 -- gareth
I had 3 sp's on my left lung about 4 years ago, after th third they gave me a bullectomy operation. This is key hole surgery making insitions under my arym, but you are completely knocked out. They then cut off an inch of my left lung, the removed the pleura, which is the lining between your lung and chest wall, this then should prevent the lung from collapsing again, although it it did i would certainly know about it. Four years later i am still suffering with nerve damage and n and otant pain on that side. Then about three months ago whilst at work in the hospital, my right lung collapsed, but only about 10%. But they will not do anything about it until it has gone again.
Post Reply -- gareth

11/21/2009 -- Justin
Hi.On Oct 30 I had a 15% lung collapse in the left lung. I had a chest tube and now it is Nov 21st. I still have some pain around that area is that still pretty normal? I went in for a x-ray last week and everything is looking just fine.
Post Reply -- Justin

11/15/2009 -- mike f
Hi,I am 42 , had my 1st at age 31, my 2nd 4 weeks ago and chest tubes both times.
8 days later had a small third partial collapse that seems to be healing on its own. can someone tell me what vats are thank you
Post Reply -- mike f

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11/14/2009 -- Ante
Hey I just had Vats done about 10 days ago for my right lung SP.....they removed my chest tube bout 6 days after surgery even though there was a very very small air leak....surgeons told me it is no problem.

can u tell me have you felt bubbling in your chest (in the middle) after surgery or something similar? cause i feel it and its driving me crazy...
Post Reply -- Ante

11/08/2009 -- raef kobeissi
hi , 3 weeks ago I had a mechanical pleurodesis surgery on both sides "left and right" , I was diagnosed with spontaneous pneumothorax, after the 2 surgeries , I started to have a pleural friction rub on my right side ,what can the treatment be , what does that mean, I am having a cough that is bothering me all the time , please help
Post Reply -- raef kobeissi

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10/24/2009 -- liza
My son has had 7 pneumos in less than 7 months. He has had a pleuridesis on both lungs, and has leaked after both. Does this go on forever? What other differential diagnosis is there? (he does not fit Marfan's, Ehlers-Danlos or reactive airway disease, no asthma or smoking). He is sick of chest tubes!!!
Post Reply -- liza

10/08/2009 -- Phelan
Hey, just had a question and hope somebody could help. I had VATS wedge resectioon and talc done in mid june for a pneumo on my right side. This is my first experience. To this day I have been experiencing pain but on the OPPOSITE side (left side.) it is usually in my back around the bottom of my rib cage but I also feel it in my upper and lower back. I also get pains in my upper left ab area sometimes around the stomach and in my left chest. The pain is not deep so I don't think it is "organ" pain but feels closer to the surface. I wondering if anyone else has experienced this months after the surgey on their non operative side. On my right side my whole abdomen is still very tender if I try to do any sit ups (especially right at the bottom of my ribcage.)but for the most part has healed without a TON of discomfort. I am thinking that is because it is still mostly numb to touc as nerves were cut. I have been afraid that I have cancer or something because of these pains on my other side but I had a physical and aside from slightly abnormal blood work (which has sense normalized) i am told that i am fine. If this is part of the process I would have no problem handling it, i just want to make sure its not something nobody else has dealt with. I have jumped back into being as active as possible and am working again sitting in a chair all day which im sure doesnt help. any help would be great.
Post Reply -- Phelan

09/17/2009 -- Adam
Oops, meant to post that in the personal story section. Pls forgive. I will repost in the proper section.

Thank you.
Post Reply -- Adam

09/17/2009 -- Adam
Hi. I have just been discharged from the hospital after being in there for 5 days. I was laying in my bed, kinda sitting up playing a game on computer (My posture was horrible) I felt a slight buildup of something in my lungs or throat. I then made a big cough and then the problem started. My chest (left side)steadily tightened and began to hurt more and more. As with most chest pains that i get, I tend to make sure I'm around someone as it is happening, so I left the room and joined my girlfriend on our couch. After seconds of sitting my chest tightened and pained me so much that I could take only the weakest of breaths, as I began to worry my heart began to beat really fast...and then faster and my breathing was very fast paced but I was taking in very little air. I began to pass out but for some reason I didn't completly pass out. It was then that I told my girlfriend Jessica to inform our landlord that we needed a ride to the emergency room (we don't have a car or transportation).
The landlord immediatly drove me to the hospital where I waited for a few mins to get an x-ray. The Overnight surgeon came and told me that it was pneumothorax and that i would need to stay overnight for observation and if it didn't go away by itself I would need the chest tube.
The next morning, the pain was almost gone, however I got another x-ray and the dr immediatly brought me to the O.R. where he gave me a local anesthetic and put the tube in. I remained in intensive care for 3 and a half days after which I got another x-ray. The following day the dr. said the tube could be taken out and I could go home the day after. So here I am looking over a website I never knew existed for a problem I never knew could happen. But I'm thankful for this website and all of your stories. I am over 6 feet tall and weigh apx. 129 pounds. I WAS a smoker, not anymore...The time I spent hospitalized was a good chance to quit smoking as I didn't think about it but as a previous poster stated your mind and body still feel the effects of quitting smoking which is unpleasent but smoking was the last thing on my mind.
My girlfriend was so helpful during my time in the hospital and I hope nobod has to deal with anything like this alone.
I was curious as to whether if I gain weight and put some fat and muscle on my chest well it decrease the risk of it recurring.
Post Reply -- Adam

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09/14/2009 -- laleman
my daughter was in ley in india
she was sleeping together with her friends
at 6.15 am she was asking a question with time it is
at 6.30 she was breathing in a strange way the other student are thinking she was dreaming very hard
a 7.00 she was died
autopsie say that is was a pneumothorax
is this possible
she had the age of 22 years
you can see the story on www.google.be : tine laleman


luc laleman

Post Reply -- laleman

08/20/2009 -- John Jackson
I have had a number of pneumothoracies and thus multiple chest tubes. The chest tubes are so painful. Sometimes they have clogged and had to be replaced. I came accross a new company with a product called Pleuraflow (www.pleuraflow.com) that makes a minimally invasive chest tube that does not clog. Does anyone have any experience with this?
Post Reply -- John Jackson

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08/17/2009 -- Patricia
I don't think that I'm experiencing a SP, but I am still having pain on my right side more than four weeks out from VATS surgery. But now, for the last three days, I'm also having pain breathing on left side. I don't know what's going on; any ideas?
Post Reply -- Patricia

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07/06/2009 -- andy
I had my first pneumo last month and had VATS done on the right side. So far my recovery on that side has been as good as can be expected 4 weeks out of surgery but. Oddly enough I have had pains in my left back (mostly) and a few in my left rib cage area. Anyone else experience this after a right side only surgery or is what I am experiencing my left lung getting ready to go? any help would be great

Post Reply -- andy

05/15/2009 -- meem
Has anyone had a chest x ray that came back with a partial lung collapse,plus shortness of breath a pain between the breast bone going under the right wing in the back.and a dry cough??????????
Thank you in antisipation
Post Reply -- meem

05/14/2009 -- Mary Arellano
I do not have a collapsed lung. I do have a lot of bubbles in my body around my chest and sometimes it feels like my stomach. I have a hard time with the bubbles when eating and drinking and sometimes breathing right. Sometimes it feels like I need to catch my breath. I went to the hospital and they gave me a cat scan and an x-ray and found air in my chest or throat or both. They said I did not have a hole in my esophagus and think one is in my lung. I have tightness in my chest still, but they said my condition should clear up on it's own. I am not able to do much physically. I get tired easily and feel week if I walk around too much. How should I take care of this problem and prevent it from becoming worse? I wake up multiple times at night sweaty especially on my palms and hands and I am shaking and then have to go
back to sleep. Sometimes when I get hot this happens in the day time. I also have been dehydrated. Sometimes I get tired when talking. I am having a hard time just doing my regular chores. My stomach feels like it keeps jumping from time to time (sometimes there are long periods when it won't stop)and I did have some nausea. Sometimes after I eat I get a lot of stomach soreness or pain but not sharp. Thank you for any advice.
Post Reply -- Mary Arellano

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05/06/2009 -- Bekka James
I had 2 SP in Jan. Both the same side (right). Had the VATS surgery. Noticed this Sunday I was having some pain breathing again and some pain on my right side but nothing like before. Hurts when i turn and sometiems when I touch under my breast. I have nerve damage from the surgery too. I was working out on Sat. night and Sunday was when I was feeling the pain and it has continued till today which is Wed. but its not really bad and seems a little better. Should I be concerned and could it be another collasped lung? I thought that this could never happen again because they basically glued my lung to my ribcage with the surgery. The pain isnt severe and its not like it was last time. Seems to feel better when I lay down on my opposite side or when Im resting. Could it simply be a strain?
Post Reply -- Bekka James

04/09/2009 -- Dann Furia
During the past 15 years my lungs have collapsed dozens of times requiring five major surgeries, thirteen chest tubes, and many, many complications along the way.

I have shared my stories (over 20 pages worth) at my website: http://www.dannfuria.com

I have chronicled my five lung surgeries and my battles with chronic pain, nerve damage, and recurring collapses. I have written a lot about the symptoms and treatments, but also about the confusing and distressing doctor-patient interactions that inevitably occur when dealing with a collapsed lung.

I hope I can do some good by sharing my experiences and I empathize greatly with anyone who has been through a lung collapse and any of the frustrations and complications that often come with it.

Dann Furia
, aka rapper Skip-Dawg

Post Reply -- Dann Furia

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04/06/2009 -- Dawn
Hi! I have a history of pneumothorax on both sides due to congenital blebs. I have had two VATS procedures with good outcomes. No pneumos since 2003. However, I have experienced shortness of breath that is getting worse. No asthma and the docs are thinking I might have a atrial septal heart defect (basically. a hole in my heart causing the blood to mix). Has anyone else heard of these two defects going hand and hand?
Post Reply -- Dawn

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04/03/2009 -- Michael Parker
Has anyone else out there experienced headaches or other neurological symptoms following a VATS surgery? To make a long story short, 10 years after my VATS surgery, I began to experience constant headaches behind my left eye, sinus pressure, facial flushing, and, worst of all, an inability to regulate my body temperature. I was suddenly getting extremely hot all of the time, leading to difficulties concentrating and working. A year or two later (after having no luck with doctors), I realized that my posture had completely changed and my head was clearly shifted to my right side (where I had the surgery). A year later, I found a good physical therapist and I'm finally getting better. It turns out that I had developed bad breathing habits and poor posture after the surgery. I find it hard to believe that I'm the only one who has experienced this. Has anyone else had a similar experience?
Post Reply -- Michael Parker

03/24/2009 -- Cindy
My daughter suffers from frequent spontaneous pneumothoraxes. She had her first one at age 16 and had VATS sugery, left lung wedge resection, pleurodesis in Nov. 2008 at age 17. She just had a small pneumo in her right lung last week and is suffering w/ r/l shoulder pain, back pain and some chest pain. She had a CXR today which did not show ano. pneumo. She is being treated hormonally for catamenial disease though endometriosis was not evident during surgery or showed in a biopsy.

We are so frustrated! Testing has come up with no reason for these pneumos. Can anyone out there help or have suggestions!?? She is suffering and we cannot find a way to stop these pneumos from occurring. Thank you!
Post Reply -- Cindy

03/16/2009 -- JW
Does anyone have any experience of the impact of SPs affecting life insurance quotes and job medicals. I have had 2 SPs on the left, and a pleurectomy and bullectomy to correct this, and a single SP on my right side. The right sided SP occurred first 4 years ago, with no pain since, unlike the left hand side. The operation was aiming to treat both sides, but there was a minor complication, and just the left was done. I am now not so keen on having a subsequent op in a short space time, for the risk of operative or post-operative problems compared to the risk of recurrence in the right side. What is giving me a pause in my decision is whether not having the op will affect life insurance or job medicals, even though these are 'spontaneous' events, and i've had the recent and more dangerous side operated....any thoughts?
Post Reply -- JW

03/12/2009 -- Michael
Hello. I had my 1st (visible) spontaneous pneumothorax in 2005. Sudden very strong, stabbing pain in shoulder and back. Left lung was affected. After one week in hospital with chest tube I was fully recovered. I also met precautions from my doctor: avoid lifting heavy things, no deep swimming, skydiving, avoid flying on height (darn! cheap airliner Ryanair is flying very high - cheaper aerospace?).
After that I was living as always. I ride on my bicycle everyday and now also doing harder phisical job. Hah. For long time I was doing heavy lifting (Gibgerbread dough and biscuit) - really exhausting daily routine in the bakery (for about six months). However I usually be bound and determined in many things. As a mid asthma and allergy sufferer now I work in bakery environment for about 1,5 year.
From that time I was suffering only 1 or 2 days non-contant breathlessness few times a year also spontaneous (it didn't matter if I was studying at the university or now working in the bakery), so I suspect very small pneumothoraxes without any pain sympthones, ignored by me then. Now for about 1,5 week I feel constant breathlessness. My breath is shorter and I can't take deeper breath as usually. I was examined by my GP and send to do X-ray to detect possible bigger pneumothorax. We will see, but in contrary with the 1st time there was no pain.
Besides I'm in bigger risk of SPT, because I'm tall(183cm) and slim(65kg of weight only).
Regards :)
Post Reply -- Michael

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03/12/2009 -- Michael
Aha! I forgot my question.
I red that slim males are in big risk of SPT.
What exactly is causing this risk?
Does anybody very slim person tried to increase his body weight to prevent future SPTs.
Could it be a solution for SPT anyway?
Thank You :-)
Post Reply -- Michael

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03/01/2009 -- Jane
Has anyone had a lung collapse and then gone on to have a baby? I am a pregnant 33 year old woman who has had 3 spontaneous pneumothorax and surgery as a result (bullectomy and pleurodesis). I wonder how my lungs will cope as the baby grows - my left lung is stuck from pleurodesis so can not move upwards like normal lungs do to make room for the growing baby. I also wonder if labour will be too much pressure for my lungs. I don't want another lung collapse!! Any experiences appreciated. Thanks.
Post Reply -- Jane

02/27/2009 -- ernesto
I've had two pneumos and have had surgery. After the surgery I've experienced some serious chest pain. My chest tightens and its hard to breathe or move. it's not the same pain of a pneumo as it disappears after a few minutes but leaves me drained. Has anyone experienced this as well? BTW its not cardiac, but the doctors suspect something gastric
Post Reply -- ernesto

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02/09/2009 -- Westsider
Does anyone else have problems with doctors telling them it's just 'chest-pain' - and then finding out you have a pneumothorax after you go back a second time?
Post Reply

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01/19/2009 -- Tumberry
I just wanted to know, is pnemothorax inherited , i mean if in future i have children of my own , will they be experiencing it too ?.
Post Reply -- Tumberry

01/09/2009 -- Timothy Takemoto
The only prevention mentioned on this site is "by not smoking"

However, in young thin men, is there any point in doing chest excercise and increasing protien intake to as to get a broad strong bulk chest (and no longer be a thin man)?

Post Reply -- Timothy Takemoto

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01/09/2009 -- Timothy Takemoto
Is excercise/chest muscle bulk increase effective in prevention, bearing in mind that pneumothorax affects thin men?
Post Reply -- Timothy Takemoto

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