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4 Spontaneous Pneumothoraces in Two Years

My name is Evagoras and I live in Cyprus Island.

I am working as a Banker and basically I have had an easy life so far without lifting heavy weights or being sport oriented. Nevertheless, I have had 4 spontaneous pneumothoraces in the last two years. The first time (left lung) I spent a week in a hospital with a 15cm tube inside me between my ribs. (Easter Holidays).

At Christmas time, the second episode occurred (right lung) sending me back to hospital for 10 days with another 15cm tube connected to a water machine helping the air inside the lung to disappeared. My father at that time insisted of having a surgery in order not to happen again but the doctor said that there was no need of that. They sent us back home with the hope that after two episodes in each lung a third possibility would be out of the question.

Six months later the left lung filled with air again causing 80% damage to the lung working procedure. This time I was submitted for surgery at once using labaroscope method in order to inject some special powder to my lung. I wake up after a 2 hour surgery with a 30cm tube in my back in order to help the air and blood to exits. After 17 days with the 30cm tube inside me they decided to take it out. You cannot imagine the pain felt especially after all these days having the tube inside.

Are you ready for the worst part of my story? As soon as they removed the 30cm tube, they told me that I could eventually go home. I was dressing up when the final episode occurred at the other lung.

Doctors explained that it was too much time for one lung to work alone that's s why eventually collapsed. I was immediately inserted with a 15cm tube AGAIN and the next morning for surgery AGAIN. I was relished after 10 days. I have lost 11 kg and left with a broken heart.

Is been two years now since the last episode. I hope it was the last.