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Two Pneumothorax Experiences (28 year old male 5'8'')

Hello-I am a 28 year old male 5'8'', 150 pounds. I live in Litchfield, Connecticut. I have had 2 spontaneous pneumothoraces in the left pleura cavity within 1 month of each other. The first time it happened I was getting ready to go to work--all of a sudden I got a sharp pain in my upper left chest and shoulder. I thought it was just gas pain and proceeded to get to work. Well I was about 5 minutes from work when I turned around and went back home--I was in too much pain. I asked my dad to bring me to the ER in Torrington, CT. There they almost sent me home with anti-biotics thinking I had a cold- well that @#$!&%$ doctor was wrong and Im glad I was persistant- I told him to listen to my heart again- what was so strange was that every time my heart beat I would hear a "click", this scared the hell out of me. I have been snowboarding, wakeboarding, skateboarding my whole life- I've injured myself enough times to differentiate between a muscle injury and something else- well I knew this was the something else- He then ordered a chest x-ray after my persistant questioning. The x-ray showed that my left lung was 20% collapsed. He then called a surgeon into perform the chest tube-more painful that hitting a tree snowboarding (which I had done) They kept me over night with the tube hooked up to a water box. The next day they sent me home with the tube in me, but they attached a one way valve to the end--3 days later the surgeon took the tube out. At the time I was student teaching in Biology. I missed a week. About 4 weeks later I had another spontaneous pneumothorax. I was 5 days away from completing my student teaching. This time it did not hurt as bad, but I was hearing the click again every time my heart beat. This time they put the chest tube back in. I stayed in the hospital and the next day they did the pleurodisis- the procedure involving injecting a talc like powder around the pleura. The surgeon told me after the operation that they recollapse the injured lung so they can get the talc fully around the lung. I was glad he told me this after the operation. Besides the chest tube, their were two other 1" insisions in my back- one for the camera, the other for the talc injector. I awoke from being "knocked out" gasping for air and very "out of it" I was in the hospital for 4 more days after the surgery-It was the 4 most painful days of my life. I lost about a liter of bloody fluid that drained from the chest tube into the water box. Luckily my University said I had enough days in teaching to be done-that was a huge relief- Well it has been 3.5 weeks since the surgery-I saw the surgeon this morning to ask him some questions. I have been having pain in various locations-he said "There is no way my left lung will colapse again." That made me feel better-now I just worry about my right lung collapsing-I guess I shouldn't worry, but its hard not to! My advise for anyone is to ask the doctor as many questions as you want-DO NOT let them push you out because they are in a hurry--Tell the doctor if you want an x-ray or whatever to ease your worries--it is worth it in the long run--Good luck to anyone who has had a pneumothorax,may you never have another one!