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Experience: Five Spontaneous Pneumothorax Collapses

I've had five Spontaneous Pneumothorax. Three times on the right and two times on the left, all in a space of about five years. Between the ages of 17 and 21. I'm currently 23 and have not had any further collapses since I had a preventitive procedure where the doctor inserted chest tubes on either side of my chest and sent talc powder and saline solution down them to cause irritation and create scar tissue resulting in essentially fusing the lining of the lung to the chest cavity.

Before that time I'd had three chest tubes, two of them on either side of my chest and one on the right back side because of the way the lung pulled away. I've been monitored for two of them as well, as the doctor deemed them minor enough to not require any procedure.

Any time my lungs have collapsed it's always just been one or the other, never together. The first time it happened I had a chest tube inserted and the doctor performed a procedure where he lasered out all the blemishes of the lung. Like little malformations, or bubbles if I remember correctly, in hopes to get rid of any chance for the lung to form a hole and collapse and also to create scar tissue as it heals helping to bond to the chest cavity.

Needless to say it was not successful. Usually there was no apparent reason for the colapse. The first time was in my sleep and I had not had any problems with my breathing the previous day or done anything over taxing physically. This routine followed true for every pneumothorax after that.

I had two more chest tubes for collapses, one on each side, without anything else being done to prevent it.

Eventually, after finding myself in a secure enough position that I could take time off from work and had insurance coverage for the preventitive procedure, I had saline solution and talc powder sent inbetween my chest cavity and lung that would cause inflamation, causing the two to expand into each other and become spongey as they were irritated then basically fusing together as they healed over in scar tissue.

Very painful procedure and essentially crippled me for about a month as I recovered but since that time I've had no further pneumothoraxes. The doctor mentioned hat it may cause 'farmer's lung' which is a shortness of breath due to the irritants and damage done but it was so minor that most times I don't even notice it unless doing a good deal of running or other physical activities.