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What is a Catamenial Pneumothorax?


Catamenial pneumothorax is a rare form of pneumothorax that affects women during their menstrual cycle.

Catamenial pneumothorax is different than primary spontaneous pneumothorax in that it occurs primarily in the right lung, is generally small and occurs during female menstruation. Similar to spontaneous pneumothorax, there is a possibility of recurrence. According to case studies, about 10 out of 50 women who are presented with primary spontaneous pneumothorax have catamenial pneumothorax.


Causes for catamenial pneumothorax have been linked to endometriosis of the diaphram and prostaglandin-induced bronchiolar constriction.


Medication and hormonal drugs (e.g., danazol) with effective pleurodesis are considered to be the most efficient methods of treatment. Please consult your physician before beginning any treatment.

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