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Michael H. Baumann, M.D.

Michael H. Baumann, M.D., is nationally recognized for his expertise and research concerning all types of pneumothoraces. He has published dozens of articles related to pneumothorax and pleural disease and continues research in various aspects of pleural disease including pneumothorax. Dr. Baumann is currently a Professor of Medicine at the University of Mississippi Medical Center.

Tom Shaheen

Tom Shaheen will help facilitate on and off-line pneumothorax research through database development and other technological support. Tom has more than 15 years of experience in the IT Industry and is currently president of Net Portfolio, Inc.


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General Pneumothorax Forum
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Do you believe that you will have another pneumothorax?


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Does Loud Music Cause a Pneumothorax?

ATS: Catamenial pneumothorax: retrospective study of surgical treatment

Fact #1

Did you know that about 8,600 people experience spontaneous pneumothorax each year? (source: eMedicine)

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